Local traders doing their bit for the celebrations.

One needs the support of one’s community doesn’t one?  And what better support than helping to commemorate 46 glorious years? Thanks go to the wonderful owner of Restless Native in Penzance whose shop window is looking fabulous.


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Aww such a nice mannered pair of young people

My thank you letter came this morning. Not a one-size-fits-all generic letter but one that specifically mentions the gift and wishes me a happy birthday.

Isn’t that nice? 2nd class postage though.

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Todays muggy adventure..


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Going up Churchtown.

I had always envisaged that the mugs would go to London. Aside from accidentally leaving one in the bar of a posh hotel I hadn’t managed to get any out in the capital. I decided a dedicated day trip was required.

This is as close as I felt I could get to the Houses of Parliament

It stayed there for about an hour before being ‘disappeared’. I don’t know if the police removed it or if a passerby took it but I hope they treasure it forever.

Then it was time to randomly hit the tourist shops

It was like a mug version of Where’s Wally.

I even got one in a window display in Oxford St

This was my favourite one

I got a bit cocky and tried to sneak one on a hook of a stall. The stallholder and the people he was serving turned to look at me and I said I just wanted to take a photo of my mug. After I’d done it I said to him triumphantly, ‘You can keep that!’, smiled and walked away. The look of total bemusement on the face of him and his customers had me cackling all the way up Oxford St. I think I maybe had heat stroke, it was 25 degrees.

I popped one into a bag commemorating the Happy Couple so whoever buys it will get a very nice surprise

Finally, there’s one being proudly displayed in The Hand In Hand in Brixton

Make sure to give me a wave if you’re in there.


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These are local mugs for local people.

Emboldened by my Lidl experience I left mugs in a couple of places local to me.

On the Paddington to Penzance train.

Tesco (Every little helps)

I would like to be brave enough to hang around and see what people make of them but as of yet I’ve just put them on the shelf and gone. I got caught trying to put one on an antiques stall at a car boot sale but I managed to get out of it with some charming chat.  Phew!

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

Once I’d sent Wills & Kate their present commemorating 46 glorious years of me, it seemed logical and only fair to make my celebratory merchandise available to the public too. I decided to put my mugs in the shops. Literally in the shops. It tickled me to think of people coming across a fancy, flamboyant mug with my face on it, nestled amongst the other commemorative tat. The incongruity of a mug commemorating an anonymous forty-five year old woman seemed to resonate with the incongruity of a mug celebrating the wedding of two people they’d also never met. So, armed with a steely resolve I made my way to the shops to discreetly place my own mugs amongst the sea of tat.

Did I say discreetly? Have you ever tried putting something in a shop that doesn’t belong there? It was terrifying. Ok, terrifying may be pushing it somewhat. It was deeply uncomfortable though. It’s only when you try to do something like this that you realise how many ‘rules’ we subconsciously engage with in an act as seemingly simple as shopping. You don’t put things in shops, you give them money and they let you take things away. It all felt very odd.

The first shop I spotted that was going to be selling Royal Wedding memorabilia was Lidl.  On the allotted Monday I went in, feeling as guilty as David Cameron should be feeling right now, hiding one of my mugs in my coat pocket. I looked around to see where the display was, all the time feeling like the security guard was going to grab me by the arm and march me out of the shop. It took a while to find the display, only to see that they were in individual boxes. They hadn’t been in boxes in the advert! I felt like a rabbit caught in headlights, like everyone in the shop was staring at me. Thoughts were racing through my head. Would I get arrested? Was what I was doing illegal? Was it even funny? Would people get it?  The loudest and most persistent thought was, ‘How the HELL am I going to get their mug out of the box and put my one in without being noticed?’  Lao-tzu popped into my head and told me that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I asked him if the journey to the police station began with a single mug but he just looked at me like I was an idiot and disappeared.

So, with a deep breath I opened the red box and took out the mug with the smiling faces of our Happy Couple and looked at it, trying my hardest to seem fascinated, whilst wrestling my own cup out of my coat pocket with fear-wet-shaky hands. I placed the Lidl mug in the next display basket (why did that make me feel so guilty?) and put my own mug in the now vacant box. It didn’t fit!  Now I was faced with the prospect of taking my mug out of the box and putting it back in my pocket. I was going to be arrested for shoplifting my own property! That solved it. I couldn’t bear being caught ‘stealing’ a mug with my own face on it so I quickly shut the box as best I could before taking a hasty, shaky picture on my phone. I felt like I was going to call out ‘RUN!’ to no-one in particular and make a mad dash for the door but I even managed to buy some cheap passata on the way out.

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So, what came next?

Now, the obvious thing to do with this mug of mine, this thing of solipsistic beauty was to send one to the ‘Happy Couple’ so they could share in my happy day just as the tsunami of commemorative merchandise that was flooding every available shop in the land was ensuring that I was ‘sharing’ in theirs.

I put it in a nice box, with a covering letter and toddled off to the Post Office to send it.

 You could tell that the lady in the post ofice was dying to ask me what it was as she wrote, ‘HRH Prince William of Wales’ on the recorded delivery receipt. I suppose I don’t look like your average Royal Fan. I was surprised at how easy it is to send a package to a member of the Royal Family. I thought there might be protocols to follow like showing I.D or something. Seems it’s as easy as wandering into a village post office.

Of course I included a covering letter asking them to join me in celebrating my special day as the nation was joining together to celebrate theirs. Still waiting for a thank you though *taps fingers*

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