Going up Churchtown.

I had always envisaged that the mugs would go to London. Aside from accidentally leaving one in the bar of a posh hotel I hadn’t managed to get any out in the capital. I decided a dedicated day trip was required.

This is as close as I felt I could get to the Houses of Parliament

It stayed there for about an hour before being ‘disappeared’. I don’t know if the police removed it or if a passerby took it but I hope they treasure it forever.

Then it was time to randomly hit the tourist shops

It was like a mug version of Where’s Wally.

I even got one in a window display in Oxford St

This was my favourite one

I got a bit cocky and tried to sneak one on a hook of a stall. The stallholder and the people he was serving turned to look at me and I said I just wanted to take a photo of my mug. After I’d done it I said to him triumphantly, ‘You can keep that!’, smiled and walked away. The look of total bemusement on the face of him and his customers had me cackling all the way up Oxford St. I think I maybe had heat stroke, it was 25 degrees.

I popped one into a bag commemorating the Happy Couple so whoever buys it will get a very nice surprise

Finally, there’s one being proudly displayed in The Hand In Hand in Brixton

Make sure to give me a wave if you’re in there.



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2 responses to “Going up Churchtown.

  1. I think this wedding is alll a bit silly & very retro.T he Royals all divorce in the end. Why not wait for the D I V O R C E & then celebrate how long they have been actually MARRIED?? What a load of nonsense it all is.I’ve been married to the same man since 197 2 but one even cares except US. Hah

  2. Suzie Strumpet

    Oh Em Gee, the best blog I’ve read this year! You put the fun back into a Royal Wedding…ish 😉 x

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