So, what came next?

Now, the obvious thing to do with this mug of mine, this thing of solipsistic beauty was to send one to the ‘Happy Couple’ so they could share in my happy day just as the tsunami of commemorative merchandise that was flooding every available shop in the land was ensuring that I was ‘sharing’ in theirs.

I put it in a nice box, with a covering letter and toddled off to the Post Office to send it.

 You could tell that the lady in the post ofice was dying to ask me what it was as she wrote, ‘HRH Prince William of Wales’ on the recorded delivery receipt. I suppose I don’t look like your average Royal Fan. I was surprised at how easy it is to send a package to a member of the Royal Family. I thought there might be protocols to follow like showing I.D or something. Seems it’s as easy as wandering into a village post office.

Of course I included a covering letter asking them to join me in celebrating my special day as the nation was joining together to celebrate theirs. Still waiting for a thank you though *taps fingers*


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