This project came about in response to the media and public frenzy induced by two wealthy strangers deciding to get married. What is it that prompts us to celebrate, commemorate, commiserate and grieve alongside people we’ve never met and are never likely to? Who decides who is important enough to commemorate and who isn’t? With these thoughts in mind I decided to challenge our perceptions of ‘celebrity’  by designing and producing my own commemorative mug to be placed alongside those of the other ‘strangers’ that people were rushing to commemorate. This blog is to record what happened.


4 responses to “About

  1. royalweddings'rnt'us

    I want one, I want one…your mugs will be infinitely more priceless than the royal wedding tat hanging around. Sadly, I live in NZ so don’t suppose there’s much chance of me coming across one of your mugs by accident.

    Well done – you deserve a knighthood for standing up to “The Family” in such a way.

  2. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  3. jerrychicken

    You are quite barking mad obviously, goes without saying, but I love your idea, its brilliant in its simplicity, executed with perfection, promoted with a fervour that suggests that you are not mad, but you are.

    In a nice way.

  4. I am absolutely loving this Stacey, it’s a genius idea, superb!

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